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The Ice Cream

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After a delicious Sunday meal, Andrea wants ice cream for dessert, but there is a law that prohibits people from eating ice-cream whenever it is cloudy. Andrea tries to convince her grandmother and parents to disregard that law because it makes no sense at all, instead, she gets punished.


Next Monday she tells her friends what happened, and they decide they want to figure out how to change a law that makes no sense at all. They organize, they protest, they get punished, they hold on together, they receive threats, they try to negotiate, and nothing changes until eventually, they decide to escalate their strike by shutting down the internet, this forces the president to join the negotiation table.


Will they be able to change the law?

“Change the law! Change the law!

We want to eat ice cream whenever we want!”

Everyone chanted.

Ages 6+

X pages

Average reading time: X min

Emiliano smiled, he felt a strange tingling all over his body, an excitement he had never experienced before. He raised his fist towards the sky and shouted:

--- Let’s get the power to change laws! Yes! I want to be part of this revolution, I want to change the laws to be able to eat Ice cream when it’s cloudy outside!

Emiliano and Andrea high fived. 

Simone was not convinced:

--- Can we really do that? Can we really change the law if we have something the adults want?


--- Yes! I believe we can!

Andrea replied.

—But, what do we have that adults want?

Simone asked.


—I don’t know...

Replied Andrea, with an honest smile.

—We have to think about that. What do adults want?

Stage of Development

Written - 90%

Edited - 0%

Proofread - 0%

Illustrated - 0%

Publishing and advertisement campaign - 0%

Everyone on the team has other full time jobs, that is why we are open to receiving donations and pre-orders to help finance the project. Andrea, our talented illustrator works full time in a comics/manga store, and she freelances as an illustrator, therefore she only has time for 1 or 2 illustrations a  week. Your donations will help her dedicate more time to this project.


We are also looking for publicists, publishing companies, and/or a printing press interested in joining this project or any other of our other projects.

We democratically decide how much of the book's revenue will be designated to each team member. At this moment we agreed on:

35% Writer

35% Ilustrator

18% 1st Editor

12% 2nd Editor

% Donations

If a new person joins the team, every current existing team member decides what percentage they deem a fair share for the new member, and their decisions are averaged to produce a total percentage for the new team member.  

If you want to know more about our decision making process behind this and how we decide everyone's percentage of the revenue, 

click here!


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