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Join the team!

We are looking for like-minded people to join our teams. 

We need people that believe that a more just future can exist,

and we just need to build towards it.

1. If you join the team we will collectively decide how much of the revenue generated by that book will go to you, every other member of the team, how much will be reinvested into the coop, and how much will be donated. If you work on one or two books and then you decide to stop working with us, you will always receive your share of those books' revenue.

2. After one or two projects, collaborators have the option to become permanent members of the coop. 

​3. Your initial investment will be your work, you do not need to pay cooperative fees upfront. We believe time and talent are the most valuable things we contribute to the projects

4. Once you are part of the team, your vote counts the same as everyone else's vote.

​5. Responsibilities, working schedules, and timetables are established collectively.



Editors and proofreaders

Printing Press and
Publishing Companies


Do you want to work with us and bring life to an Activist Children's Book? We have a bunch of stories that we could collaborate on, let's connect and we'll see which project suits your illustration style the best.

Do you have publishing or advertisement experience and want to help us get Activist Books into more children's hands? 


The publicist will be in charge of our commercial area, of getting the book to multiple platforms, markets, bookstores, and events, and of the advertisement campaign. You will work to develop one or two different strategies which you will then present to the team. Everyone will vote to approve or reject your proposals. Once approved, it will be your responsibility to implement your strategy, and you will regularly present updates and performance status to the rest of the team members.

Do you have experience as a book editor, proofreader, or studied a major in English Language or Linguistics and want to help us finish more Activist Books? 

If you are a printing press or a publishing company and you are interested in collaborating with us to publish one of the books, do not hesitate to contact us and we can talk about it. 

Are you a translator in a language other than English or Spanish and would like to translate some Activist Books? We are looking for you!

How to join?

1- Send us an email or fill out the form below.

2- Tell us what position you would like to fill. 

3- Send us your CV or show us your previous work.

4- We will evaluate if we think one of our projects is a fit for you.

5- We will reach out to you to have a videoconference to talk about the project where we think you can be a great fit and to explain how the coop works. You can have time to read the project, to think if you want to work on that specific book or not, and to generate a proposal for us where you present your vision for the book, and you establish the time you have at your disposal and the time it will take to do your work. 

6- We will have an internal assembly to decide if we will offer you the position or not, and how much of the project's revenue we can offer you.

7- We will reach out to you and make an offer.

Let’s collaborate!

Fill in the following form or write an email to 

Thanks for submitting!
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