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Activist Girl

Andrea is an activist girl, and through this book she will explain why she is an activist and what she does to change the world. She talks about school bullying, unhoused people, racism, woman rights, police and government bullying of vulnerable communities, the land and water protectors and how the laws and government protect the rich and the industries that are destroying the planet.

She is an activist because she knows that:

"Working with others is very important because we can’t solve everything when we are on our own. One person is too small for all the world’s big problems. A single person alone will never be able to revolutionize and save the world!"


Activist Baby Andrea

"Activist Baby Andrea" is a simpler version made for younger audiences of "Activist Girl Andrea". With simple, rhythmic and exiting writing, the 24 page picture book will help parents introduce the concepts of activism, collective action and justice to their little ones.

The Ice Cream Revolution

After a delicious Sunday meal, Andrea wants ice cream for dessert, but there is a law that prohibits people from eating ice cream whenever it is cloudy. Andrea tries to convince her grandmother and parents to disregard that law because it makes no sense at all, instead, she gets punished. Next Monday she tells her friends what happened, and they decide they want to figure out how to change a law that makes no sense at all. They organize, they protest, they get punished, they hold on together, they receive threats, they try to negotiate, and nothing changes until eventually, they decide to escalate their strike by shutting down the internet, this forces the president to join the negotiation table. Will they be able to change the law?

“Change the law! Change the law! We want to eat ice cream whenever we want!” Everyone chanted.

Books under development

1) Bern The Veggie Bear

2) Fart and Flatulence

3) Sofí Asks, "What is beauty?"

4) The Farting Princess

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