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Activist Girl Andrea

What is it about?

Andrea is an activist girl, and through this book, she will explain why she is an activist and what she does to change the world. She talks about school bullying, unhoused people, racism, woman's rights, police and government bullying of vulnerable communities, the land and water protectors, and how the laws and government protect the rich and the industries that are destroying the planet.

She is an activist because she knows that:

"Working with others is very important because we can’t solve everything when we are on our own. One person is too small for all the world’s big problems. A single person alone will never be able to revolutionize and save the world!"

"In a world where most people “mind their own business” and don’t help others…

I make it my business to help everyone I can."

Technical details

Ages 6+

78 pages

Average reading time: 30 min

Sample Text


I am Activist Girl Andrea!

Do you want to know what makes me an Activist Girl?

I am an activist because I do everything in my power to fight for justice and freedom, for every person and living creature here on planet Earth!

In a world where most people  “mind their own business” and don’t help others…

I make it my business to help everyone I can.

I believe that if we help each other, we can have better and happier lives!

I love helping others! 

Especially the most vulnerable people, those who need help the most. Like the unhoused people. 

Whenever I can, I give them food, clothes or money. That helps them a little bit, but it doesn’t solve their problems. They need more help than what I can do by myself.

That is why we organized with more activist kids and adults to make a community kitchen. 

The first problem the unhoused people face is that they don’t have enough to eat, and when they do have food, it is usually cold and not healthy. To solve this problem, all the activists give a little bit of their time, food or money. We cook healthy delicious food and we serve it for free to anyone who is hungry and does not have enough to eat. By organizing ourselves we help more people than when we try to help on our own.

However, the unhoused people have bigger problems that we can’t solve with a community kitchen. They have bigger problems like, well, needing a house! We know there is enough food and houses for everyone in the world. But right now governments and laws help a few rich people have much more than what they need while many others have nothing at all.

That is why my activist friends and I are trying to change the laws! We want better laws that help everyone, specially those that are suffering the most.

Stage of Development

Written - 100%

Edited - 90%

Proofread - 0%

Illustrated - 30%

Publishing and advertisement campaign - 0%

Everyone on the team has other full time jobs, that is why we are open to receiving donations and pre-orders to help finance the project. Andrea, our talented illustrator works full time in a comics/manga store, and she freelances as an illustrator, therefore she only has time for 1 or 2 illustrations a  week. Your donations will help her dedicate more time to this project.


We are also looking for publicists, publishing companies, and/or a printing press interested in joining this project or any other of our other projects.

Stage of development


We democratically decide how much of the book's revenue will be designated to each team member. At this moment we agreed on:

35% Writer

35% Illustrator

8% 1st Editor

12% 2nd Editor

10% Reinvestment in the Coop

% Donations

If a new person joins the team, every current existing team member decides what percentage they deem a fair share for the new member, and their decisions are averaged to produce a total percentage for the new team member.  

If you want to know more about our decision making process behind this and how we decide everyone's percentage of the revenue, 

click here!


Join the Team!

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