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Spanish and English Editor

Lorenza Garza

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A Bit About Me

Hello there! I am a mexican filmmaker and author living in Mexico City. I focus on socially conscious projects that tackle the systemic biases against women, minorities and disabilities.   

Work Experience









I'm currently filming my first documentary, "Derecho de Acceso," (Right of access) about the racial and classist discrimination against women and girls in wealthy neighborhoods of Mexico and how that impacts their growth, self esteem and overall world vision. 

Started ACB Coop with Bernardo.


Edited "Activist Girl Andrea," "Activist Baby," and "Ice Cream Revolution" for ACB Coop


Began writing my first novel, "Rabia," (Rage) which will be edited at the end of 2022.

Edited "What is beauty?" for ACB Coop


Took three courses in Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica.

   Cinematography and Painting

   Deconstructing and Constructing Female Characters

   From Script to Screen

Took two courses in ENAC (Mexico's Autonomous University)

   Film as a War Machine 

   German Cinema Seminar

Took one Drama course in Escribe Cine AC

Took one course in Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica

   Film seminar: Course on Ingmar Bergman

Studied Film and TV in CENTRO de Cine, Diseño y Televisión  

Worked in Fenómeno, an advertising company, as a copywriter, developed product photography and developed a YouTube channel for Mexico's most important cinemas, Cinépolis.

Studied Animation in CEDIM

Studied Animation in Tecnológico de Monterrey

Born in Monterrey, Mexico.

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