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Activist Baby

What is it about?

Activists want to change many things,

They want a world that is beautiful and green,

Where all the people are safe, happy, free 

and have everything they need!

"Activist Baby Andrea" is a simpler version made for younger audiences of "Activist Girl Andrea". With simple, rhythmic, and exciting writing, the 24-page picture book will help parents introduce the concepts of activism, collective action, and justice to their little ones.

Technical details

Sample Text

Ages 2+

X pages

Average reading time: X min.

Andrea was born a regular baby,

But now she is an activist lady!


She is special in many ways,

And quite normal and full of cliches!


Her body looks very strong, 

When she compares herself to the small and the old.

Her muscles look very weak,

When she compares herself to athletes that go to the gym.

But she knows that one person is never really strong,

When they stand alone against the entire world!

That’s why she joined activist groups,

To stand with friends, and fight for what’s good!

Joining forces with her activist friends,

Andrea feels strong enough to save the earth!

Because one person alone

Is not that strong,

But millions together

Can change the world forever!

Written - 100%

Edited - 0%

Proofread - 0%

Illustrated - 0%

Publishing and advertisement campaign - 0%

Everyone on the team has other full time jobs, that is why we are open to receiving donations and pre-orders to help finance the project. Andrea, our talented illustrator works full time in a comics/manga store, and she freelances as an illustrator, therefore she only has time for 1 or 2 illustrations a  week. Your donations will help her dedicate more time to this project.


We are also looking for publicists, publishing companies, and/or a printing press interested in joining this project or any other of our other projects.

We democratically decide how much of the book's revenue will be designated to each team member. At this moment we agreed on:

35% Writer

35% Illustrator

18% 1st Editor

12% 2nd Editor

% Donations

If a new person joins the team, every current existing team member decides what percentage they deem a fair share for the new member, and their decisions are averaged to produce a total percentage for the new team member.  

If you want to know more about our decision making process behind this and how we decide everyone's percentage of the revenue, 

Click here!


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