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Hello! We are an Activist Children's Books Publishing Cooperative that strives to inspire, motivate and give tools to parents and children, to fight for social justice, freedom, equality, and the protection of the environment.

Past generations grew up with stories about beautiful princesses waiting to be rescued, about authoritarian kings, violent knights, heroes, and exceptional individuals; stories about obedience, admiration of authority figures, extreme individualism, and other values that reinforce the status quo. 

Today we need...

Activist Children's Books!

Books that show them a bigger picture than that of individual values and actions.

Stories about the importance of community, organizing, and helping each other.

Narratives that will awaken children's curiosity, critical thinking, and

impulse to question everything.

They need to read about adventures that will motivate, empower and give

them the tools to act today and throughout their life to fight for

social justice, freedom, equality, and the protection of the environment.

If children can learn about magic, gods, dinosaurs, kings, and princesses from an early age, they can also learn about activism, social justice, freedom and
the need to stop climate change.

Andrea was  born a regular baby,

but now she is an activist lady!